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100% of the images on our site have been drawn by the owner of the company, Gabrielle England. If you don't see a graphic that you like, contact us and Gabrielle can create one for you. All images are under copyright. Your custom stone will be created within 5-10 business days form the time of ordering.
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A Custom Line Drawing Fancy Name Pet Memorial A Gift Certificate
A Custom Line Drawing
Our Price: $55.00

A Heart Image A Heart with Hooves A Horse Heart
If Tears Could Memorial Stone Barrel Racing Big Hugs Silhouette
Dressage Silhouette Friesian Grazing Silhouette
Horse - Bean Horse - Jazz Horse - Jimmy Choo
Horse - Mad Hatter Horse - Scarlet Horse- Beauty Silhouette
Jumper Silhouette Running Herd Western Pleasure Silhouette
Running Herd
Our Price: $8.00
Only those people who have owned and loved horses know how attached you can become to your special pet. Our horse memorial stones provide you with the ideal way to create a memorial that will keep your horse alive in your heart forever! There are many different disciplines that horses are used for, in addition to those that are kept more as pets. By offering you a variety of graphics for your memorial, we let you choose the design that will best suit the way that your horse was involved in your life. Our Barrel Racing, Western Pleasure, Jumper, and Big Hugs Silhouettes all symbolize the special relationship you had with your horse.

Our Custom Graphics option is available for you to create a horse memorial that is customized for your special pet. We can take your favorite photo of your horse and have our in-house artist Gabrielle make a custom drawing from it. Once approved, the drawing will be used on your choice of our horse memorial stones. You will also choose the text you would like to have engraved, along with the drawing for a personalized memorial all horse owners will love. Whether it is a photo of your horse performing, or enjoying time running in the field, it is certain to make a unique and meaningful horse memorial.

There are many different options for you to choose from in order to create your own personal memorial. You can place your horse memorial at the horse's grave site, your horse's favorite field, or in the barn. Our horse memorial stones can be engraved with your horse's name and a special poem, one of our graphics, or one that is specially designed from your own photo. Our "Heart with Hooves" represents a sentiment that many people who own these wonderful animals share. Whether you add the horse's name with the design or add a phrase about how horses can leave "Hoof Prints on your Heart", you are certain to find just the right combination to create a memorial horse marker that will look great anywhere.

Horses typically have a long life-span in comparison with other types of pets, and are often with the same owner for a long period of time. You may have a much deeper bond with your horse that anyone might imagine, especially if it has been a part of your life for a number of years. A horse memorial is something that can help you keep your special friend in mind and pay special tribute to his memory. All of our horse memorial stones are specially selected to provide you with a quality work of art that you can proudly display. No matter what place your horse had in your life, it will always hold a special place in your heart. Keep his memory alive with a uniquely and beautifully customized stone.