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95% of the images on our site have been drawn by the owner of the company, Gabrielle England. If you don't see a graphic that you like, contact us and Gabrielle can create one for you. All images are under copyright. Your custom stone will be created within 5-10 business days form the time of ordering.
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Cat Paw memorial graphic Cat paw in heart pet memorial Curved Heart Pet Memorial
A Custom Line Drawing Fancy Name Pet Memorial A Gift Certificate
A Custom Line Drawing
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A Heart Image A Heart Swirl with Paw A Heart with Paws
If Tears Could Memorial Stone Dog Paw in Heart memorial graphic American Tabby Cat Head memorial graphic
Birman Cat Head memorial graphic Siamese Cat memorial graphic Black & White Head
British Bi-Color Head British Cream Cat memorial graphic American Tabby Cat Head memorial graphic
American Tabby Cat Head memorial graphic Persian Cat memorial graphic Persian Cat memorial graphic
Persian Cat memorial graphic Egyptian Mau Head Curved Heart Pet Memorial
Himalayan Head Japanese Bobtail Head Long Whiskers
Main Coon Head Cat outline memorial graphic Persian Cat memorial graphic
Cat Profile memorial graphic Siamese Cat Head memorial graphic Siamese Cat memorial graphic
The font used in the photograph is the Veljovic font.
The loss of your loved cat can be devastating. A cat memorial that is made from one of our natural river or sandstones will make a fitting and loving tribute that you will appreciate every time you see it. Keep the memory of your cat alive with one of our cat memorial stones, with the graphics and text that you prefer. Whether you choose to have one of our small cat memorial stones with one of our meaningful quotes etched on it, or a breed cat memorial from our many available graphics, we have the options for you to create a customized memorial that will last a lifetime.

Our selection includes graphics that represent a variety of breeds, from the American Tabby to the Sphinx with spots. Our professional engravers will etch the graphics of your choice into one of our cat memorial stones, along with the message and text that you choose. We also understand that not all pets are full-blooded breeds; some are a delightful mix that makes them even more special to you. For those owners, we have graphics that will symbolize the way you feel about your pet, such as our "A Heart with Paws" print that any cat owner will cherish.

Instead of graphics, you might prefer for your cat's memorial to have a special poem along with your pet's name. You can also customize your cat's memorial by adding a personal quote that has special meaning to you. The idea is to create a symbol of how you feel about your pet that will keep the memory of your best friend where you can see it every day. Make the loss of your pet a little easier by paying tribute with a beautiful cat memorial that does justice to your special friend.

Our cat memorial stones are an ideal way to mark your pets grave, or you can place it in an area where you will see it regularly. Put a memorial in your garden, on a tree, or any place where it will stand out. We offer them in a variety of sizes, so that you can choose the one that is best for your needs. The size of the stone will also determine the size of the graphics, as well as how much text can be used. We offer several different heart designs for you to represent your love for your lost pet, as well as a cat paw graphic that is appropriate for cats of all types and breeds. Creating a unique and appropriate cat memorial is easy with the choices that we offer. We also include an option for custom graphics that are made from your own photo. Don't let your faithful friend be forgotten, when paying tribute is as simple as choosing the message you want to provide.