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Customer Testimonials
~ We received Angel's stone memorial. It turned out beautifully, just like her! Thank you! Theresa N

~ Gabrielle, I received Kodi's picture stone's perfect and my husband and I are going outside now to position Sadie's stone and the "Sisters" stone and Kodi's picture stone on top of their grave site in our back yard. We miss our girls terribly but we're 72 and 73 and we've buried now a total of 5 goldens and 1 horse. That's enough... I can't go through the sorrow again, nor the responsibility. We'll take care of our grandchildren and any dogs our children get. Stay healthy and thank you again. Eileen C

~The stone is gorgeous. My good friend's golden retriever passed away last week, and this is a perfect memory in their garden! Thank you so much!!!

~ Hi there Gabrielle---I thought I would send you a pucture of the framed painting of Solie-Peanut. The mat is a light purple that picks up color from the sky and mountains. Thank you again for this lovely memory of my little Peanut. Edie xoxox

~I want to let you know that we have ordered from you before, back in 2011 when our cat, Elsa, passed away. I've always kept your magnet business card, that you enclosed on that order, on our refrigerator. I'm so thankful for people like you that know and care about our pets and enable us to have a keepsake of them. We love our girl and miss her terribly. Having this marker is such a blessing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Theresa

~Hi Gabrielle, I just picked up your beautiful painting of my little Solie-peanut. I absolutely love it! Thank you so much! As soon as I can, I will have it framed. Again, you have been a real pleasure to work with and I will recommend you when I can. Please take care, Edie xoxox

~ Hi Gabrielle, Just wanted to let you know I received JoJo's stone on Friday and I love it. It really is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. You and your company have been a delight to work with. I work in the Purchasing dept at the university here in town and good customer service is hard to find these days, so I really appreciated all the one-on-one you gave me through this process. Best, Sue S. Gunnison, CO

Received my stone yesterday and wanted to tell you it is soo beautiful and was more than i expected!!! Thank you again for beautiful craftsmanship. Our beloved Bill will always be remembered and the picture shows him perfectly!!! Sincerely, Diann N

~ Thank you for my Memorial stone, which was perfect. Best Regards, Jane

~ Thank you sooo much for the lovely memorial stone. It turned out perfectly and looks great in our memorial garden for little Mina. Jackie

~ Santana's stone arrived late yesterday. I love it! It's the only dark grey stone I have and it really stands out among the others. It's just what I wanted, since she was truly my special dog. I can't believe how much like her it looks, and not at all like my other two! I am very happy with it.
B Hammer

~ I wanted to let you know that we received our stone on Saturday. I have to tell you it was absolutely beautiful. My Mom was so surprised and so happy that she cried. You captured our magnificent Cielito perfectly. Every detail of the stone was exact. I know it must be hard to continue running a business with your Mother in the hospital but nevertheless you were more than accommodating and professional and we thank you very much! I will be making future purchases and will tell all my friends! Marita
~ The stone arrived today, and, as always, it is perfect. Thank you so much for getting the stone to me, the stone does mean a lot to me. Debra

~ OMG! Mo words can't describe what an amazing surprise that was today. I've finally stopped crying, mainly tears of joy in knowing that there are people out there like you that can be so wonderful and kind hearted. Thank you so much. I love it!!! Show's you really understand how hard it can be to loose a kitty. L. Blue

~ Hi Gabrielle,
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did on the two memorial stones I have ordered for my cats- this one, and one last year. I hope you'll still be in business when our last cat passes (which, with any luck will be many, many years from now- she's currently 9 but acts like she's a kitten) so you can do hers, too.
I was checking Google to see if you were the owner of the company, and I came across your bio on the equine art page, . I had no idea you were the daughter of Mike England of the Sounders! I was only 5 when the original Sounders were playing and I don't think I had any idea what soccer even was back then, but I've been a huge fan of the current incarnation of the Sounders since they started up in the A-League in 1994! What a neat coincidence! Thank you again for the lovely stones.Take care, Susan H

Just got the stone yesterday in the mail. The little etching of the Tonkinese cat and our cat's name, Tonkie, were just perfect. It is so special and looks just like him. Thank you and will use you again sometime. - Pam C.

I received my stone in the mail yesterday and it is beautiful. Thank you for my lasting memorial for Paige. - Roxanne H.

We gave this gorgeous stone to the widow today and predictably she loved it as did everyone else who admired your beautiful craftsmanship. THANK YOU! Nova

~ We received our stone today and it looks beautiful! Thanks so much, my mother will be really touched by the nice tribute to her beloved dog. This is a great service your business provides so thank you so much!

~ The stones arrived today, just as you said. Thank you so much, they are beautiful and perfect. Our family will use them well. Thank you for taking care of this at such a difficult time for your family. I so understand. Barbara

~ Oh My goodness, Gabrielle.. It is absolutely perfect!!! I wouldn't change a thing! I tell ya, you guys are absolutely fabulous! And now that I have seen the lay out, I want one for myself too!!! So now I need 2 rocks! Gretchen

~Hello Gabrielle ... just wanted to say thank you so much ... I rec'd the stone today and it's so beautiful ... I was so excited when the box came & surprised as I didn't expect it to come til maybe Fri or next Monday. Can't wait to show it to my parents ... we are giving it to my brother & his wife for Christmas and I know they are going to love it ... they miss Jasper so much ... this is a beautiful remembrance for them. Again, thank you so much ... it's wonderful ... thanx to Mo too. With warm regards, Linda

~We got the stone today. It is absolutely lovely. We have ordered stones from you for a few friends but this one is for our sweet girl that passed this summer. Thank you, Jan

~ Hello Gabrielle, We opened our packages this evening. We love the two memorial stones. The two stones are perfect. Thank-you for choosing two different colors. Jeff's stone is brownish and he had more copper in his coat while Penny's stone is grey and she had quite a bit of black in her coat. It is amazing how the images resemble Penny and Jeff and capture their spirit. We are very happy and couldn't be more pleased. Thank-you so much, Cheryl

~Thank you so much. You do wonderful work! I've given your information to a couple of people, so I hope they order theirs. S. Young

~The stone is beautiful and I send everyone my gratitude! Have a great week! My Best, H Chalmers

~ It came in on Friday. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. You really captured his personality! I cried and cried, when it arrived! Karen

~ Gabrielle, the stone is absolutely perfect! Our friends LOVE it! Thank you so much! Best, Jessica

~The custom drawing is perfect. What a wonderful way for my family to remember our pup. What you do is wonderful. Truly wonderful. Thank you so much -R Glispin

~ We received our stone for our beloved dog, Jenny, this week. WE LOVE IT!! Jenny loved duck hunting with my husband more than anything. The graphic of a lab in the reeds with ducks was perfect. In fact, it looks just like Jenny. Her passing has been so sad, but this makes us smile every time we look at it. It is on her grave on one of our favorite walking paths. Thank you so much!!

~ I received the stones today and they are just perfect. Thank you for doing such a good job and offering such great value and selection. G Forbes

~ We just got the stone that we ordered for our sister-in-law's Christmas gift. We could not be more pleased with it and know that she will be too. Thank your for the wonderful service you offer to those who have lost beloved pets.

~ I really wanted to say thank you again, before finding your site I had checked with a few other places and was getting discouraged. Not many places did custom drawing or if they did it was their interpretation of the face and there was one place that said they had a lot more graphics off line, I asked for a Shiba Inu and got like a Collie/Wolf/Shepard was the best way I could explain it.

Then we were almost going to get just her name and a paw print and then found your site.Your layout came on a bitter sweet day (as we got her ashes back today) So it is really wonderful to see it and again wanted to thank you so much for offering the custom work alone and then on top of that the wonderful drawing! Becky

~ Hi my name is Barbara M, I wrote to you a while Back about Bear and his Bone cancer. Well it has gone to his lungs and is coughing up blood. I really believe he is tired but like us all he is holding on to something. He was my official companion dog, but I retired him last week when I got a 4 month old puppy that had been abused.You have done head stones of many of my dogs and you did my sister's, Karen with her name. I just wanted to give you a heads up about Bear. God bless you now and always for your talent and for the beauty that is always there. Thank you Barbara M and Bear
That is incredible! I can't believe the work you do, it's so amazing. The stone you made for us last year was my own dog (he's on your website under pit bull) and everyday it amazes me the detail in the engraving - you captured the sparkle in his eye. The layout for Taz is perfect, thank you!
Andrea Southgate Animal Clinic
~Dear Gabrielle,

We received the three river stones yesterday with Lil, Rosie, and Reggie's names on them, a gift from a dear friend. My husband and I looked at them and just burst into tears. They are so very beautiful and so perfectly executed. I loved how the different size and shape stones were selected to frame the names so well. It was almost like capturing some subtle part of each one of the dogs that were named thereon. Just absolutely perfect..... I had had mixed feelings prior to this gift about doing any grave marking this way. Only flowering bulbs had been my thought. But these are so perfect and now I see what I've been lacking in my grave-sites for my Beloveds. So this will be the pattern now and it feels very good. I have 6 dogs now and 19 cats so I'll have to squirrel some funds away just for this and will do so with the joy that comes from feeling I can honor their absence in a way that is grounded and lovely in the physical world. Thank you for your creations. They will be loved for how they speak to us. Sincerely, B Abernathy

~ I have just received my stone and it is just beautiful! I am very pleased with it. Have your business card on my fridge for future needs, and also, if I can refer anyone else to you. K Kosack

Pet gavemarker~ Our friend Amy (Sammy's mom) loved the stone. So did the other pet parents that pitched in for the stone with me. He was a good friend to my little guy Henry. Thought you'd like to see this picture.

I've shared your site with several folks. It was the luck of the draw that I found you, glad I did. Gina

~Thank you for the beautiful engraved river rock for our beloved boxer, Ali. It was so hard dealing with her passing but this stone really helps us with our loss. It is beautiful and natural just like she was.. Thanks again for offering a quality product and service. Michele
~ Hi Gabrielle,

I just received my pet memorial today at the post office and we are so grateful. You did a beautiful job in the choice of stone and the etching design. Once again, thank you for a job well done. We loved our little beagle so much and this is a fitting memorial for her in our garden. Sincerely,P. Sullivan

~ Hello, I received my second stone from you and I am even more pleased than I was when I bought my first one years back. I opened it and we just cried. Kala was that special little fur-baby that touched everyone she came in contact with... your stone work preserves her little spirit. Thank you so very much....we love it!!! ~ Cyndie
~ Dear Gabrielle and Mohamed, I LOVE the beautiful job you did etching my house number on our rock!!! Thank felt like 'elves' appeared at night and made the magic happen! Again, thank you so very much; your work is superlative! G Gacetta

~ Gabrielle,
I just wanted to say that I received the stone for Lucky. It is truly lovely, and I am so glad I ordered it. Thank you so much for doing such a lovely job!

A. Muster

~ Thank you. We got a stone from you in December for our cat Misty, who died at age 18. We get more compliments on the stone. When our new cat died after being killed by a coyote in our suburban neighborhood unexpectedly, we knew we wanted to order one of your stones. Thanks again! Regards, A. Trommel

~ Hi Gabrielle I just wanted to let u know that we received the stone yesterday and it looks perfect, thank you so much for fitting both names on!

~ It is perfect. It's exactly what I had hoped would mark her grave. You do a wonderful job. I'll be thanking you every time I walk near her grave. I have one more very elderly cat, so I will probably be ordering another stone this year or next. Many thanks, Janie P.S. I also have two fairly young cats and one middle-aged. Thankfully, our property, garden & woods, is large. Otherwise we'd eventually look like a mini Arlington.

~The drawing is perfect. It brought tears to my eyes and even my 11 year old burst into tears when he saw it, so I think that shows how accurate your drawing is. The font looks good too.

~The stone was perfect and is a fabulous remembrance! Thanks so much!

~ I just want to say, I heard from my son yesterday on this order. He had received the stone and hooked up with me via web cam. I have to say you did a beautiful job on the stone and so quickly. I really do appreciate your quick action. This was for my grandson (10 years of age) and he also was very touched by the stone. Once again, thank you so much. Should I hear of anyone looking for something of this kind I will certainly recommend your Company. ~ Mary

~ Thank you. My sister really liked it and appreciated the stone very much. ~Tiffany

~ The stone you created to honor Belle " little Bellie" is so perfect in every way. Thank you so much. I have placed it on the Kona tower that was made for my choc lab. It has the stones you made for Kona there. Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and kind heart. We will treasure the stone. ~ Bless you, Estelle

~ Good morning - Just wanted to thank you for Toby's stone. It is beautiful and I so appreciate that you make these for pets. Donna

~ "The marker you made for us is the most beautiful gift we have ever received. I received a memorial made by you folks for McKenzie, our always beloved Golden Retriever. I must say that it is the most beautiful memorial marker that I have ever seen. I have seen others in sporting magazines, but never have I seen one that looked, or felt "right". The understated simple beauty, and attention to detail have made this a permanent fixture in our home. We keep ours right next to the fireplace where he loved to lay after a day of hunting. Every time I look at it, I have warm thoughts and find myself smiling from all of the joy that "Mac" brought us. Thank you so much for your attention to detail; it is no ordinary marker, rather a loving token of wonderful memories with my pup. Please feel free to contact me for any references." ~ Rick

~ "Our order arrived on Monday...what a beautiful and loving tribute to a wonderful animal. I am overjoyed at the work you did. We have placed our stone on the grave near some Forget-Me-Nots that we planted. We will always treasure our little Bedlington Terrier and feel that your stone is a fitting tribute to his sweet life." ~Lisa & Scott

~ "Just wanted to thank you for the "Felix" stone you did for our family. It looks really nice. I had planned to put it in the garden, but my children wouldn't stand for that. We appreciate you making it so quickly too." ~Sue

~ Thank you so much for helping Jim S. Successfully organize these great Memorials for two very special "Men". I sure wish I could be there for the dedication. I will visit the memorials upon my return. ~ Chuck , Thurston County Sheriff Jeep Patrol.

~ I just wanted to "echo" Chuck's comment regarding the excellent job you did on the Memory Stones. I am so glad that Jim and Marilyn Seed suggested them. In the past we had tried plants or trees but since they didn't receive "TLC" that they needed, they suffered or completely died away. The stones will not suffer a similar fate and that means so very much to all of us. Judging from Chuck's comments (And I rely on them a lot!!) I would not hesitate to recommend your product to others. ~ Keith , Capt. Thurston County Sheriff Jeep Patrol