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Whether you lose a dog, cat, bird, horse or something completely exotic, Read More+

Whether you lose a dog, cat, bird, horse or something completely exotic, a pet stone memorial is a good way to remember how much a pet touched your life. We create pet grave stones using natural river rock and sandstone, which are professionally etched with your choice of graphics and text. Because of our unique process, you can create a unique design that can be used in a multitude of ways. A pet stone memorial is a wonderful way to pay tribute to your pet, no matter how you may choose to display it.

Due to circumstances or the laws of your community, not every pet owner has the option of having their pet buried at their home. Even though you don't have the need for a pet headstone, we offer many choices that will make one of our pet grave stones the right choice for you. A garden pet memorial is a very satisfying way that many people remember their pets, and they are often placed in a natural setting where they lived. The beautiful etching on our stones makes them the ideal garden pet memorial, and there are many styles and sizes to choose from.

One of the most striking features that make any pet stone memorial stand out is our beautifully etched graphics. We have made many pet memorials stones that have featured graphics of the pet breed, as well as custom made graphics that were taken from real pictures. If you want a stone pet memorial that reflects a special picture you have of your pet, we can create a drawing from most photos that can be used on your garden pet memorial.

Pet garden memorials are often used along with additional stones that have a variety of sentiments printed such as "Courage", "Joy" and "Thanks". As you can see, different people have a variety of feelings about their pets, and want to express them accordingly. Our pet memorials stones can be etched with a loving poem, or simply the name of your pet for a customized pet garden memorial. In addition to our breed graphics, we also have other graphics to choose from, such as paw prints, hearts, and more. If you aren't sure what you prefer, look through our selection of pet grave stones that we have created for other pet owners to help you decide which style you prefer.

If you are looking for a pet headstone, the larger stones offer more room for graphics and text while giving you the option to stand them up or lay them flat. Any of our stones will work as a garden pet memorial, with the details that matter most to you etched in beautiful detail. There are many reasons that you might choose to get a special pet stone memorial, and nearly as many choices to create the ideal stone for your needs.