Quality Pet Memorial Stones made in Washington

Natural Stone pet memorial stones
Natural river rock and sandstone carefully hand selected and etched by professional stone engravers. We take care with each stone to deliver the highest quality to you or your loved one. Learn More
Custom Graphics  pet memorial images
Most of the graphics offered have been designed in-house by our own artist Gabrielle England. Do you have a photo that you would like to have customized into a line drawing? We would be glad to help. Learn More


At A Pet Memorial, we understand that your pet is a member of your family. Read More+

Any time you experience the loss of your pet, you want to make sure that it is remembered in a loving and elegant way. Our pet memorials are designed for just that reason. They serve as a way to immortalize your pet and always keep them in your memory. Only those who experience the loss of a trusted friend know how important it is to remember them, and a pet memorial is a wonderful way to keep their memory alive.
Our natural pet memorial stones are made of natural river and sandstones that are chosen for their appearance, and then carefully hand selected and etched to create a pet memorial that will touch your heart every time you see it. Our pet memorial stones are available in a variety of sizes from 2-3 pounds to more than 20 pounds to suit your needs. The larger the stone you choose, the more graphics you can have engraved on it. Since pet memorial stones are naturally shaped, each is as uniquely different as your pet!
While there are companies that offer you pet memorials that are made in a single style, we give you more options for customizing a pet memorial that shares your sentiments or something that stands out about your pet. If you have a favorite photograph, we can make a custom drawing from it and place it on the stone of your choice. We also have a variety of our own custom graphics that you can choose from as well. No matter how much or how little you want to say about your pet, your sentiments will be immortalized in stone with the customized graphics of your choice.
There is no limit to the types of pets that can be honored with a pet memorial, as a way to say your pet was special to you and will always be remembered. One of our special pet memorials will also help family members feel close to a lost pet, and lets children know that their pet was a cherished and loved member of the family. While cats and dogs are some of the most frequent pets to be featured on our pet memorials, there are lots of others as well, including everything from the smallest chickadee to a majestic stallion. No matter what kind of pet you had, the important thing is that it earned a place in your heart that will live on.
Whether you choose to place your pet memorial at a gravesite, in your garden, or any other area, its quality and beauty will make a beautiful and meaningful accent. There is no better way to remember a special pet that was an important member of your family. It is also a great way to pay your respects to a service dog that devoted its life to serving you.